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Palampur is a small green hill station which is full of nested pine trees and situated at the height of 4000ft above sea level. Unlike other hill stations, this is a location which is free from advertising tourism and there is just plenty of water here–indeed, it is Palampur's sense. Apart from the natural beauty, your trip through this beautiful scenery in the Himalayas will be inspired by renowned temples and monasteries.


Welcome to Idex house Himalaya Bliss, Palampur located 522km from Delhi and 238 km from Chandigarh in the heart of Himachal Pradesh’s most fashionable neighborhood.

The Idex house has plenty of open spaces for living area for relaxing in absolute style. Decorated with comfortable modern contemporary furniture, the hostel is both luring and eminently stylish. Enjoy the fresh air outside of the confines of the city and the majestic natural scenery by day, and the cozy fires and star filled skies by night.

To keep you entertained throughout your stay the place provides endless hiking and walking trails and exploration options such as the neighbouring gardens and estates, which are home to some of the finest exotic cool climate gardens and are a divine visual feast and a photographers utter delight.

What the owners love

They’ve run out of superlatives for the hill view—but thankfully, it speaks for itself. This home is the perfect setting to enjoy Himachal Pradesh’s famous year-round sunshine. Make the most of it.

What we love

We can’t get enough of the alfresco living spaces. Start your day with breakfast on the terrace, and relax after a day of sightseeing on the outdoor lounge area, and take in the sunset with a glass of wine on the bedroom balcony. If your visit can’t be all pleasure, you can still work in peace and comfort, with views over the coastal expanse.

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