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In south Goa, just north of vivid Colva, is Majorda. Majorda is also easily accessible from Goa's main airport with a relative peace and quiet and yet with plenty of top amenities and welcoming restaurants to make your stay comfortable. A small selection of beach shack restaurants and a decent ran can be found along the spectacular coastline of Majorda.

The beach of Majorda will likely play a role in your stay in the Practical Rooms, backed by swaying palms with a large and lengthy sand. A number of sun loungers spread across the sand offer the perfect location for sunbathing, while some friendly beach huts offer food and refreshments for the travelers.


Sandy summer beach days or winter log fires? Presenting Practical Rooms, Majorda - An easy walk from the back door of the hostel! This magnificent beach side hostel is charming and looks magnificent. The house covers 22 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms, which reveals the impressive views to the beach. The hostel is located in Majorda, and is the ideal escapade for a vacation full of character.

Majorda is a lovely village in Salcete, Goa. This ancient village is renowned for its beaches and beach resorts full of charm and character. The beach of Majorda is the perfect place for a weekend of relaxation or a week of holidays. This beautiful city and its beauty and fashion heritage are yours. Practical escape rooms, sleek Majorda!

The large living room and dining area has a view of deck windows overlooking a broad balcony with a bottle of bubbles! It's a simple chic getaway to Majorda Beach in all its glory with a stunning open kitchen onto the balcony.

What the owners love

The owners enjoy early morning swims at Majorda Beach and evening walks along the sand of the ocean beaches. They also enjoy boating on and meals at the waterfront restaurants.

What we love

We can’t get enough of the views from the Practical Rooms. Make the most of the entertainment potential and prepare a great outdoor meal using ingredients bought at the local farmers’ markets along with some special wines from Majorda Beach. Enjoy leisurely sunset dinners on the western terrace and morning coffee and barbecues on the eastern terrace.

Reviews by people who have stayed


Best property at budget prices. Will surely opt it for future stays as well.


December 18, 2019 at 01:02 am

It was a wonderful experience staying here. Highly recommended!


December 13, 2019 at 05:51 am

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