Beach Bliss

Beach Bliss, home of the untouched Palolem Beach, is situated on the southern side of Goa. Every year, thousands of travelers are drawn by this long and crescent shaped beach. A panoramic view of the whole beach can also be obtained from either side. Staying in such a quiet place with a beach view is an experience that should be enjoyed at least once.


This is your gateway to one of Goa's finest property, which bags beauty from the nature, right on Palolem beach. This Hostel offers the perfect backdrop to your leisure, the joy of living next to nightfall sparkling beaches and a property designed to maximize natural light.

A living area with open arms welcomes guests into the house. The rooms allow you to sleep comfortably at all times of the year, making even during the winter months a comfortable gateway. The designer kitchen will delight your internal chef and invite you to prepare gourmet meals in the fun outdoor areas that overlook the horizon.

Goa's, Beach Bliss, Palolem Beach is the pride of the beach, surrounded by palms, rendering the life on the beach feel that it was never far from the beach.

What the owners love

The hostel has been designed to show the best of the surroundings and the characteristics of the house. This is ideal for a gateway with friends or as an individual traveler in the scheduled area. Store fresh food and good wine and indulge in the fireplace crackling and the rich local life for a memorable gateway for a lengthy weekend.

What we love

While the natural beauty around the property is difficult to take your eyes away, the design of the hostel is truly a wonder. Relax in the room with amazing view of the beaches, indoor and outdoor entertainment areas, before gathering friends.

Reviews by people who have stayed


A quite satisfactory stay at a decent property... Will surely visit again...


December 23, 2019 at 11:36 pm

Wonderful Experience !!


December 18, 2019 at 02:49 am

Best option for budget stay. Clean and spacious rooms..


December 13, 2019 at 07:07 am

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