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Regal cuisine, unequaled architecture and raw natural beauty will turn Jaipur into a world-class destination in Rajasthan countryside. But, this city has so much more. Jaipur is full of spectacular festivals. Rich digital decoration, a maze of vibrant dream palaces and cultural perspectives.

A romantic pink colour, therefore the nickname "pink city," penetrates all of Jaipur. Here you can find a hostel (JJ House Paying Guest) in Jaipur and see the exotic urban landscape washed entirely in a light, sparkling blush shade that deepens as the sun goes down every evening. Pedestrians, apparently from a century mix, from every corner of life.


With breathtaking views, spectacular outdoor ‘JJ House Paying Guest, Jaipur’ is the ideal location for any getaway!

The feature of the home is undoubtedly the indoor/outdoor style living. Indulge in a living, whether it’s a quiet morning coffee or a tea in the evening.

Jaipur is the newest 'destination, ' providing an eclectic mixture of both architectural and decorative lighting items, that provides a marvelous place to see the fashion and brands of the royal architects and interior designers.

This immaculately presented and classy home offers _____ bedrooms. _______bedrooms sit in the main house, while a fourth with its own en-suite is separate to the house – ideal as a traveler.

What the owners love

This magnificent hostel overlooks the spectacular views of the area. Go for a walk to this spot. The balcony ensures that at the sunshine, you will enjoy fresh food and entertainment every year.

What we love

JJ House Paying Guest is the epitome of sleek city living. Located in the trendy and desirable suburb, this ______bedroom apartment sits on the doorstep of the city. The hostel has a prevailing atmosphere of sexy sophistication that will empower you as you walk through the door. Ideal for independent travelers, the JJ House Paying Guest features a spacious queen bedroom with en-suite and presents an effortless cubist inspired interiors and a monochrome palette.

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